It Looks Fine to Me

Did you catch the latest Sprint commercial with Kevin Durant? (You can click the image to see it.)


Besides the hilarious and innuendo laced content, did you notice the accent chair in the dining room? I instantly noticed it because the chair is covered in the fabric that I have in my very own living room! The fabric is Gabrielle Pearl, also available in 8 other colors. I absolutely love this fabric. It has the look and feel of linen, with all of the benefits of polyester. I used this fabric for accent pillows on my couch as well as for my upholstered ottoman.  I find this fabric to be as fun as the commercial it was featured in!

Designer Upholstery Fabric: Gabrielle Pearl

Designer Upholstery Fabric: Gabrielle Pearl

From high-drama reality, to humorous commercials, keep your eyes open for the hottest fabric trends as you’re tuning into the tube.


What are you looking at?

What do you see in the picture below? Three of the gorgeous ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta accompanied by their handsome husbands?


Well, some of you may have been paying attention to them during the reunion show, but I was looking at something else!  I couldn’t help but notice the beautifully upholstered couch and the pretty plump pillows behind the ladies. You can easily recreate this look with the two fabrics below.  Passion Suede Lime is a luxurious suede that not only looks great, but is also durable and very easy to clean:

Designer Upholster Fabric: Passion Suede Lime

Designer Upholster Fabric: Passion Suede Lime

Check out the other Passion Suede colors by clicking here.

Another Beautiful Mystere Piece

Here we have another beautiful piece that looks extremely comfortable as well.  What a perfect place to read a book or magazine.

“…I don’t think any picture actually does enough justice to the look and quality of fabric. I am so happy with the way it turned out and I get so many compliments. …”  -Ana from New York

Mystere Upholstery Fabric Couch


Mystere Upholstery Fabric Beautiful Couch


Mystere Saphire has been discontinued. However, if you’re interested in the other Mystere colors click here.

Famcor would like to thank Ana for her business and contribution to our blog.  It is much appreciated.

Back Row Home (Formerly Leighton Hale Antiques) From Houston Texas

How amazing are these pieces?  We are really digging the antiques.  Click the images to see the full size image:

English Chairs

French Cane Chair

French Chairs

French Daybead


Bench and Ottoman

If you’re in the Houston area, you probably want to stop in and see them.  We don’t see how you can go wrong.  Or check out their website too:

Back Row Home (Formerly Leighton Hale Antiques)

Leighton Hale Antiques used Loft Beach for this project:

Designer Upholstery Fabric: Loft Beach

Designer Upholstery Fabric: Loft Beach

We want to thank Leighton Hale Antiques for their business and sharing their work. We really appreciate it.

That Couch Looks Comfy

Here is a re-upholstered couch from Kate in Media, Pennsylvania.  In addition to being excellent work, that couch looks real comfortable.  I think the dog would agree.  We want to watch some big screen movies from that couch.  Click the images to see an enlarged version of the pictures.






   Kate used Sonoma Taupe. Sonoma Taupe has been discontinued. However, check out the other Sonoma colors by clicking here.

We really want to thank Kate for her business and for sharing her work.  We really appreciate it.

Think Outside the Box with Upholstery Fabrics

Who knew you could do so much with upholstery fabric? Of course we all know that upholstery fabric is for couches and chairs and ottomans and drapes, but don’t let the name fool you, upholstery fabric can be used for much more than simply upholstery.  Whether it is natural or synthetic, upholstery fabrics versatility is only limited by your imagination.

We’ve all been inspired at some point to cover an outdated pillow with beautiful fresh upholstery fabric, right? But check out these other great crafty ideas:


While a unique custom tote may take quite a bit of sewing skill, many other projects take little to no sewing at all.  Beginners can start by making gorgeous placemats, table runners or coasters. Imagine your spring table with this stunning fabric draped as a table cloth or accented with placemats in this luxurious print! 

Designer upholstery fabric: Racine Sky

And someone with intermediate sewing experience can certainly make a beautiful custom apron like this:

Not your Grandmother's Gardening Apron

 So take the upholstery out of fabric and let your imagination run wild!

We Love to See What Our Customers are Doing

The title says it all.  We appreciate our customers and want to see what they are doing.  If we can help our customers to promote their business through this blog, then we are more than willing.  Send us your photos of completed work and anything else you might want to say.

We recently received feedback and photos from a satisfied customer and here’s what she had to say:

“Thanks for everything.  The pictures don’t do it a lot of justice…But, in real life it is great!!”   -Kelley from Georgia

The fabric used to re-upholster her couch is Mystere Cosmic found here:

If you’re interested in other colors of the Mystere line, they can be found here:



Famcor Fabrics wants to thank all of our wonderful customers for their business and feedback.